About us

Introducing our mobile money operator.


Back in 2002, Diogo Salvi and a group of entrepreneurs founded TIMWE, a company focused on providing mobile entertainment to European mobile carriers.

Ten years later, TIMWE has become a global provider of mobile monetization solutions for mobile carriers, media groups, governments / NGO's, brands and end customers, focusing on Mobile Marketing, Mobile Entertainment and Mobile Money. Leveraging our global network of connections to mobile carriers, our proprietary neo platform, our seasoned teams and our ability to innovate in a fast way, we become a global reference in highly competitive mobile industries and a leading player in emerging markets. Learn more about us.


In 2010 the neoMB end-to-end platform was created, boosting our monetization business with mobile billing and mobile payment transactions.

With the neoMB implementation, creating the M-Coin brand was a logical step. M-Coin was born in 2010 and our clients could now offer a fast, easy and safe alternative payment method, thus increasing their revenues by converting additional customers or by quickly globalizing their business. M-Coin operates in more than 75 countries, with 25 local offices that processes millions of mobile payments per day, which makes M-Coin the flagship brand of our mobile money operations.