• What is M-Coin?

    M-Coin is a service that enables easy and safe micro payments of some of the web’s most popular websites, such as online games and social networks, through mobile phones to buy digital contents.

  • Do I need a bank or credit card?

    Not at all! You only need an active mobile phone that allows text messaging (SMS).

  • Do I need to register or create a new password?

    Again, no! There is no need for registration or any kind of passwords.

  • What personal information is collected?

    Just your mobile phone number, which will, however, be treated with highest level of security.

  • What mobile phones does it work with?

    It works with any mobile device that accepts text messages (as long as it is connected to of our partner mobile networks). In other words, practically, it works with any handset in the world.

  • What do I need to do to complete a payment?

    Just type in your mobile phone number and within seconds you will receive a text message with clear instructions. In most countries you will only need to reply to the text message. In other countries we will send you a 4-digit PIN number to insert on the web. In no time, a message confirming the success of the transaction will be sent to you.

  • How I will be charged?

    If you have a post paid (or pay monthly or contract) account, you will be directly charged on your monthly mobile phone bill. If you have a prepaid (or pay as you go) account, the charge will be deducted from your mobile account balance (air time / mobile credits) at the time of the transaction. In case you do not have enough funds, the transaction will be declined.

  • Does M-Coin work in my country?

    M-Coin works in around 75 countries and with M-Coin operators worldwide so the chances are yes! Check out our coverage here.


  • I successfully completed a payment but never received my goods or services?

    It could be due to many reasons. However, we will be glad to investigate your case. Please fill in the Customer Support form for us to look into your issue.

  • I did everything correctly, but still cannot complete a payment.

    It is either a case of temporary technical problems on your mobile network or insufficient funds on your mobile phone account. If the problem persists, please fill in the Customer Support form and we will get back to you.

  • I entered my phone number but never received a text message?

    Please make sure you entered the correct number! If you are in an area with poor coverage, it may take longer to receive the text message. If you continue without receiving a message after a few minutes, please try again! If still the problem persists, please fill in the Customer Support form and we will get back to you.

  • What happens if I am in an area of poor connectivity and do not receive my text message immediately?

    No worries! The text message is valid for up 24 hours (depending on country and mobile network) so you will still be able to complete the payment once you are back in the reach of your mobile network.

  • My computer crashed before I could reply or enter the PIN code. Can I still complete my payment?

    If you received a text message before the computer crashed, you can still follow the instructions and confirm the payment. If you did not receive a message, please fill in the Customer Support form and we will get back to you.