Welcome to the merchants area

At M-Coin we aim to help Merchants increase their business revenues by monetizing and boosting their sales of digital goods and services.

For this challenging task we provide Merchants with the support of our team know-how in the mobile market. With 25 offices around the world and with operations in more than 75 spread across the five continents, we enable Merchants to link up with more than 280 mobile carriers and 1.4 billion users worldwide. A key advantage for who is thinking globally!


  • M-Coin WPI

    With M-Coin WPI your customers can easily buy digital contents online. There is no need to use credit cards or even type in all that billing information. All they need to do is choose what they want to buy and insert their mobile phone number. We will then provide a PIN number, enabling customers to close the transaction by entering the PIN on your website. The payment will then go their Mobile phone bill. Take a look at the demo to learn more.
  • M-Coin In-App

    With the M-Coin In-App payment solution your customers can buy digital contents with their smartphone in a single touch. All they need to do is to choose what they want and then just click BUY, without even leaving what they're doing. Payments go directly to their mobile phone bill and your monetization work is done smoothly. Watch the demo to see how easy the M-Coin one touch payments are.