• What is M-Coin?

    M-Coin is a service that enables easy and safe Micro-payments to online merchants for monetizing their websites, games and other online digital contents and Mobile developers for monetizing their Apps through Mobile Payments (carrier billing).

  • Why Mobile Payments?

    Mobile payments are simple, safe and secure for Micro-Payments. It also helps you tap into the unbanked.

  • Why should I choose M-Coin?

    M-Coin’s main advantages are its global coverage (presence in over 75 countries across the 5 contients), its higher payouts deriving from its direct connections to mobile carriers, its robust fraud management system and 24x7 End-User Support (End-User complaints are managed through ITIL v3 compatible solution).

  • How do I get started?

    Just fill in the Get Started form and M-Coin representative will contact you within 24 hours. It just doesn’t get easier than this!

  • What are M-Coin’s conversion rates? Why are conversion rates relevant?

    M-Coin has an average conversion rate of 50% (vs. around 5% for credit cards), yet it varies based on country and demographics. Small differences in conversion rates will often have a huge impact on revenues. If you sell a virtual good for €1 and 100 customers are willing to buy it, you will receive €10 from 10 customers if conversion rate is 10% and €50 from 50 customers if conversion rate is 50%.

  • Do you have global coverage?

    M-Coin now covers over 75 countries worldwide! M-Coin has been thriving each day to increase its global presence. Check out our global coverage.

  • How do you connect with the carriers? Is this important?

    M-Coin is directly connected to most mobile operators. Direct connections enable M-Coin to offer the best prices (since there are no intermediaries) and technical solution with the least amount of latency. Working with M-Coin compared to the competitors can increase your revenues by upto 36%.

  • How long does it usually take to integrate with M-Coin?

    We have had cases of integration that took only a few hours, yet as a rule, consider between 1 to 2 weeks where the carrier approvals are not required.

  • What technical skills are needed to integrate with M-Coin?

    Basic programming skills are sufficient to integrate M-Coin into your site

  • How much do mobile operators charge?

    Mobile operators charge between 20-50% of the transaction amount (it varies by country and mobile operator). If you have questions on specific countries or operators please Contact Us.

  • How often do I get paid?

    M-Coin payments are usually done within weeks after receiving the reports from the Mobile carriers.

  • Do you provide front-line customer support?

    M-Coin provides multi-language front-line support to your customers, both by phone and email. In some cases, coordination with your customer support team may be necessary.

  • How will my customers know how to contact customer support?

    Support phone and email details are displayed at the bottom of the M-Coin payment interface. Support contacts are also available in the Customer Supportsection of our website.