Mobile Payment

Reaching more costumers anywhere, anytime.

  • Conversion rates

    We bank the unbanked, making it possible for everyone to pay via mobile phone in an intuitive and hassle free manner, leaving the fear of using credit cards behind. We are able to give you an average conversion rate of 60% (vs. around 5% for credit cards).
  • Reach

    Grab the chance to tap into the mobile payments market. With an estimated 5 billion mobile phones in the world (we cover 1.4 billion), This is the channel that comes behind cash in terms of global penetration, making it much more accessible than credit cards – limited to 1/7 of the world population
  • Fast & Intuitive

    There is no need for checkout forms or to insert billing information. All that your customers need is a mobile phone number to buy digital contents faster and easier.